What Made Trump Look Like an Even Bigger Jackass in June

Last month's contribution to Bullshit Mountain…

The moon

Meghan Markle

London's mayor

The Prince of Whales

Christian booksellers

The D-Day proclamation

Dead Ayatollah Khomeini

His sniveling, evil son-in-law

His new adversary: Fox News

His former Secretary of state

His former campaign manager

The pastor of McLean Bible Church

The terrorist wearing the wardrobe

His knowledge of pending legislation

His brand-new, already ex-border czar

World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe

His abusive former acting Defense Secretary

The bond market's evaporated "Trump bump"

His love affair with the Butcher of Saudi Arabia

His love affair with the Butcher of North Korea

Ruthless gangster and MAGA fan Whitey Bulger

The Laffer Curve he traveled through time to study

Bibi's gift of a "Trump Heights" town that doesn’t exist

Sorry about the smell.

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