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Life long  Democrat who Knows Trump had his hand in this past Election.

By the numbers it doesn’t add up. For starters:

HOW Did a county in Wisconsin have 105% Voter turnout?

When have we EVER had 100% Voter turn out in ANY Election?

How is this even Fking Possible?

What did they do bring the family dog to vote?

Seriously, you mean to tell me NO One died in the registration time frame?

So, not only have I not been able to Stomach That Fat Orange Prick since the 80’s I created this site just after the election.

He belongs in either a White Rubber room equipped with a Straight Jacket & Muzzle or a Beautiful Suite at Gitmo!

If you are of the Wingnut variation of this country You probably do not want to Frequent this blog.

Cuz in my family we are NOT Racist or Hate filled..

We do not care Who you chose to Love and or Sleep with.

We do not care IF a woman Chooses to have an Abortion or goes on Birth Control.

We do not Give a Rats Ass about the color of your skin and or What Fkin God you believe in or Don’t believe in.

Because ya Know Who the Fk are YOU To say Its Wrong and IF there is a God …. According to HIS Word He LOVES Us All No Matter What!

So We are not Nazi Racists ….. well Unless you happen to be one of those Wingnuts who are so far out of touch with Reality and HOW The People of this World really live ….

So I guess you can call us Racist against Republicans No Matter WHAT Color Your Skin is You ARE ALL NUTS!!

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