Below are a few excerpts from the latest edition of Harper’s Index:

 Median number of views a YouTube video had in 2006: 10,262
In 2016: 89
Maximum fine for public sexual harassment under a proposed French law: $3,681
Percentage of registered US voters who say that Donald Trump is a good role model for young people: 29
Of Americans who said the same of Bill Clinton in 1998: 18
Percentage of US political donors in 1990 who were women: 23
Today: 47
Number of billionaires in the National People’s Congress of China: 45
Year in which China’s coal consumption is expected to peak: 2018
Number of countries whose first coal plants are being constructed with Chinese financing: 7
Time at which Seoul’s government shuts down computers on Friday evenings to force employees to stop working: 7:00
Percentage of US counties in which food stamps don’t cover the cost of three meals a day: 99
Percentage of black American men born into the wealthiest quintile who remain in that bracket as adults: 17
Of white American men: 39



“I could see that troubling the waters was occasionally necessary to bring attention to the urgency of some problem. But this style of political expression sometimes becomes an end in itself and can lose potency if used routinely. If you shout too loudly and too often, people tend to cover their ears. Take it too far and you risk that nothing will be heard over the report of rifles and hoofbeats.” 
               ~~Sonia Sotomayor, My Beloved World, (2013)



DONALD TRUMP said if I voted for Hillary Clinton I’d be stuck with a criminal President under constant federal investigation from day oneTRUMP WAS RIGHTI voted for Hillary & I’ve been stuck with a criminal President under constant federal investigation from day one👊ðŸÂ½ðŸŒŠ

— Jason🌊 (@JasonHalle) May 15, 2018


On this date at Daily Kos in 2007—Stepping up Pressure on Iraq:

The Feingold-Reid amendment, expected to come up tomorrow morning, will be for the Senate what the McGovern amendment was in last week’s House vote on the Iraq supplemental–the baseline vote for how committed Democratic senators are to ending this war before the next election.

What’s more, as noted in this AP story it:

has the makings of a turning point in the Democratic presidential campaign, obliging Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama to take a fresh look at calls for cutting off war funds.

The vote will show the willingness of Clinton and Obama, and all the Democratic Senators, to exercise their most important Congressional power–the power of the purse–to check the executive.

Obama announced today that he will support Feingold-Reid, though in his statement he doesn’t address the concept of ending the funding.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Emoluments from China, but lol yolo nothing matters. Sean’s pillow talk with Donald (because Melania won’t do it). Cohen -> Qatar -> Steele dossier. $1M from Federalist Soc. to inaugural slush fund, funneled through a law firm. Thanks for the tip, Rudy! 

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