Mother Jones reports—Republicans Are a No Show Across the Country for Town Halls on Gun Action:

The organizers of last month’s March for Our Lives have taken their movement to town halls across the country and invited congressional lawmakers—who have returned to their districts for a two-week recess—to discuss action on gun control. According to the Town Hall Project, more than 130 of these meetings are taking place, with most of the events happening on Saturday.

Though invited, no Republicans appeared at any town halls, and many of the forums featured empty chairs to symbolize their absences.

Mother Jones‘ Kara Voght attended the town hall at Virginia’s 10th congressional district, where every Democratic candidate seeking to unseat Republican incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock showed up to discuss gun legislation. Comstock, unsurprisingly, refused to attend. […]




Packed house here at #MNeverAgain townhall. Who’s missing? Rep. Jason Lewis.

— Angie Craig (@AngieCraigMN) April 7, 2018


On this date at Daily Kos in 2008—American Exceptionalism and Iraq:

Ever since I chose two months ago to support Barack Obama as the better remaining choice after John Edwards left the presidential race, I’ve not had second thoughts. But neither have I made a secret of my misgivings about various policy stances of the Senator from Illinois. Nowhere have these misgivings been stronger than when it comes to reshaping foreign policy, in general, dealing with the military-industrial-congressional complex, in particular, and, most immediately, figuring out what the United States should do next in Iraq.

While much campaign discussion among partisans has focused on the differences between what Senator Obama said in his October  2, 2002, speech about Iraq and what Senator Clinton said in her October 10 speech before she voted on the authorization to use force, what matters now has very little to do with they said and did more than five years ago. What matters is where we go from here in the sixth year of occupation.

During Tuesday’s hearings on Iraq, as refreshing as it would be – and as accurate – neither Senator Obama nor Senator Clinton (nor any other Senator who questions General David Petraeus) will say “imperialist” in reference to the bloody U.S. visitation on Iraq or its larger foreign policy. Nor “hegemony.” Whether it be politicians, or textbook writers, or megamedia mavens, or, sadly, many historians, America simply cannot be attached to “empire” no matter the evidence. It’s just so … un-American. [..]

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