Nothing to see or worry about here, just David Jennings, a top official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), posting an offensive meme about Muslim women on social media:

The image depicts three patio umbrellas that are intended to resemble three people in body-covering burqas along with the caption, “I spent 30 minutes talking to them to learn more about their culture until the barman told me they were umbrellas.”

In a caption attached to the post, Jennings wrote that he was trying to use “lessons learned from my terrorism mentor … Guess I need more work.” After The Chronicle asked ICE officials about the post, Jennings removed it from the job-oriented social networking site.

Jennings, “who as a Field Office Director oversees immigration enforcement in California from Bakersfield to the Oregon border, as well as in Hawaii and Guam,” claimed that it was “directed to a former co-worker and instructor in Arab culture and was meant to poke fun at myself and use me as an example to show that everyone can and should keep learning about people from different cultures, including people like me with extensive experience working with different cultures and traditions. I am horrified that the post would be taken as anything other than a dig at myself, but upon further reflection, I understand how it could be interpreted otherwise and am truly sorry,” he said. “It was not my intention to offend anyone and I hope that the explanation of my intent assuages any hurt the post may have inadvertently caused.”

Bullshit. ICE is carrying out Donald Trump’s ethnic cleansing campaign, and that an official who makes life-altering decisions also spends his time sharing racist memes should be a giant red flag. As Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Bay Area head Zahra Billoo said, “that he did not see the problem with his post until it was pointed out worries me about his ability to lead and carry out his duties, particularly as they relate to immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.”

ICE’s San Francisco office was also in the news recently after spokesperson James Schwab resigned from his post, “saying he couldn’t continue to do his job” after Trump, Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, and acting ICE director Thomas Homan “made false public statements” regarding a raid targeting Northern California in February.

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