It has become a common theme, and like so many common themes in politics, it’s more than anything a window into the presumptive narratives of those promoting it. You can find it in Politico, The Hill, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, and various other traditional media outlets. You can also find it on the websites of ostensible liberals who somehow always manage to accomplish little more than the undermining of liberal causes. More understandably, you can find it in the rhetoric of the occasional Democrat from a solid-red district or state who is trying to win a tough election or re-election. The latter, at least, have some excuse. The rest don’t.

People keep telling Hillary Clinton to go away. Of course, she’s been hearing it her whole life. It wasn’t common for a woman of her era to graduate from Yale Law School, and it was altogether unprecedented when she won a major political party’s nomination to be president. But more than 65 million people voted to elect her president, which was nearly 3 million more people than the man the broken and undemocratic American electoral system installed in office. It was more votes than any person not named Obama has ever received for president. It was more votes than any white man has ever received for president. And still, people keep telling her to go away.

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential campaign. She was attacked by an unprecedented combination of illegal foreign interference; meddling by an FBI director who now is trying to cash in on his legitimate efforts to rectify the damage he incompetently wrought; a relentlessly hostile media that created endless false equivalencies between one of the most qualified and talented presidential nominees ever and her opponent, who was at a minimum the least qualified ever, and likely the most ethically compromised; and the unhinged animus of those who decided it was preferable to burn the country down rather than elect a woman who had the temerity to aspire to the highest office in the land, despite being imperfect. And she still received more votes than anyone not named Obama, ever.

This is not about Hillary Clinton’s personal political aspirations.

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