If Donald Trump said it once, he said it a hundred times:  

“I have the best people … ” 

It was one of his mantras, and one of his key qualifications for office, as far as most of his voters were concerned. He claimed that the people that he knew from the vaunted business world were somehow inherently better, more capable, more efficient, more productive than the career government slugs that have been gumming up the works for decades.

But now we’re more than a year into the Great Orange-o-tang’s administration, during which most of their energy was spent not succeeding at repealing Obamacare, nor “fixing” Immigration, nor addressing national cybersecurity concerns then taking sick cynical credit for all the benefits of the amazing economic recovery, drop in unemployment and stock market rise that was painfully and painstakingly built by the Obama administration against dogged Republican opposition and obstruction for the previous 8 years.

Most of Trump’s time and energy has been spent on defenestrating his office staff one by one, hunting for leakers, and complaining about the “deep state.” It certainly hasn’t been the model of hyper-productivity that was promised and advertised.

Here’s a nauseating look at his roster of winners.

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