I first heard Rasleen Krupp speak at the Cincinnati Womens’ March last year. She is a high school junior at Wyoming High School and founder of the Young Feminists Coalition. With the recent national school walkout and upcoming March for Our Lives, I’m honored to introduce you to Rasleen. If students like her represent our future, our future looks bright. 

1. How did you become interested in activism?

I became interested in activism after the last election. I realized that the administration stood for things that I did not stand for. Because of this, I decided to fight back. If things aren’t how you want them to be, you should be a part of the force to change them.

2. Tell us about the Young Feminists Coalition and what it’s working on.

Aftab Pureval, candidate for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional district, speaks at the International Womens’ Day event organized by Rasleen’s Young Feminists Coalition.

The Young Feminists Coalition is a group I started to unite young feminists around the area. We are still getting started and had our first event on International Women’s Day that was full of speeches from youth and influential community members (including Aftab Pureval!). My main goal for the group is to create change, as cliche as that sounds. I want the youth of our local area to fight for a better future, and the way we are doing that currently is through the planning for Cincinnati’s March For Our Lives, which will be on March 24 at 11 AM at Cincinnati City Hall.

3. Who inspires you?

The mentors who guide me inspire me. People like Debbie Smith Webster, Billie Mays, and Marguerite Boeckmann. They have been in the fight for social justice for many years now, but still haven’t given up. I find their courage and power incredibly inspiring. Also, any woman who runs for office inspires me. As someone who wants to run for office in the future, I look up to the women who have taken a risk and run for public office.

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