What do you get when you cross Tommy Lee Jones with George W. Bush, put some nice frames on him, and replace his brain with mashed potatoes? You get Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry. The Houston Chronicle reports that during Perry’s speech at CERAWeek, the secretary of Energy had this to say about humans who would like us to move away from fossil fuel dependency more rapidly than we are: we have to think of the developing countries! 

“Look those people in the eyes that are starving and tell them you can’t have electricity,” he said. “Because as a society we decided fossil fuels were bad. I think that is immoral.”


“America is now on the cusp of energy independence but the president wants to see this go further. He wants to share America’s energy bounty with the world,” Perry said. “We’re going to be exporting multiple fuels. and we will export the same technologies that made us a clean abundant energy producer.”

”Share America’s energy bounty?” My guess is that most of these Republican “speech writers” are guys that think RoboCop is about how private industry melding with law enforcement is a good thing. As for the United States’ new white supremacist in chief being a failed businessman who is clearly deranged and calling for very not “bounty-sharing” tariffs, Perry had this to say.

“It’s less concern than it is pure optimism. Everybody’s got concerns about their particular sector, whether it’s the utility guys or the infrastructure guys,” Perry told CNBC on the sidelines of the CERAWeek by IHS Markit energy conference.

“There are concerns out there. Don’t get me wrong, but the overall message here is one of just sheer optimism.”

Or everybody is scrambling for the pile of taxpayer money the Republican Party and Trump have thrown into the wealthiest one percent’s sandbox, and they’re scrambling to get “theirs” before the party is over.

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