People like fighters. They like those who they think will go to bat for them. Donald Trump has the lowest poll numbers of any president in American history, but approval among his base is very high. Why? Because they believe that he is fighting for them.

Evangelicals are willing to defy their morals and give Trump, a misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic racist, their unqualified support. Why? They believe he will fight for them. Donald Trump, a man that does not have an ounce of conservative blood in his veins, is the lord of the conservatives.

After the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the Republican Senate did not even give President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick a hearing. They held up the nomination until the expiration of Obama’s term. Throughout the Obama administration’s tenure, Republicans held up his judicial nominations until then-Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the Senate rules, reducing the threshold necessary to confirm Judges to the bench.

Republicans push the envelope. They make the right calculations. They understand polling, narrative, people’s perceptions, and (most of the time) when to hold and when to cave. Hating Republicans for their callousness is okay. Not respecting their modus operandi is politically fatal, and reality proves that. It is the reason that even with terrible policies, they are in total control of most states and the federal government.

Democrats get spooked too easily. They never seem to go for the jugular. Too often they forget that a poll is but a snapshot in time, something Republicans are very cognizant of and exploit without fail.

Republicans were down by double digits in the generic poll a few weeks ago. It is now five points. This after passing a tax cut scam that the vast majority of Americans were against and attempting to pass Trumpcare, a bill that would have taken away health insurance from millions of Americans. That is so in the past right now, and Republicans are doing just fine. The blue wave that Democrats think they can coast toward is in danger of becoming a ripple.

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