What’s it going to take to make Republicans in Congress show even a shread of humanity and take care of the nation’s kids?

Is it going to take a referendum on how America feels about health care? Because we pretty much had that last night with the overwhelming votes in Virginia and Maine. Do they need polling? Because there is polling.

Is it going to take the threat of 9 million children losing health insurance and lots of red state governors and legislators having to figure out which kids to cut, how to stem their losses? How about the knowledge that 62 percent of Republicans think CHIP reauthorization should be a top priority?

It’s time. We need to shut down their phone lines, jam their fax machines, and fill up their email inboxes. We need to push as hard for CHIP and community health center funding as we did to kill Trumpcare. We need to keep them scared after Tuesday’s election.

Jam the phone lines of House and Senate Republicans. Call (202) 224-3121, and tell them to stop holding kids hostage and to pass a clean funding bill for CHIP and community health centers.

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