There were seven wonders of the ancient world, but only one remains more or less intact today. It is the Great Pyramid of Giza, built under the patronage of Pharaoh Khufu over 2,000 years ago. It is the largest and some say the most sacred pyramid in the world. Building it required an effort from ancient Egypt, as measured in manpower and technology, comparable to the Apollo 11 moon landing and the United States. And this week some ghostly particles called muons zeroed on a heretofore unknown void deep inside the stone giant:

Despite their confidence that a void exists, the researchers know little beyond its dimensions. Muon detection, or tomography, can sketch only a rough outline of the void. The chamber may be horizontal, or at an incline parallel to the Grand Gallery. It may be a single structure or smaller rooms in sequence. It may be as stocked with treasures as Al Capone’s vault.

Yes, Rick Perry, former governor of Texas  (to my great shame) and current Energy secretary and shameless Trump sycophant, really did say this:

Perry, who traveled to South Africa last week to tout the Energy Department’s partnerships there, said he spoke with a young girl who wanted electricity so she could read without relying on the light of a fire “and have those fumes literally killing people. But also from the standpoint of sexual assault.”

Which is to say, anatomically modern humans may not be as smart as we like to believe.
Science and technology has plenty of downside. Even seemingly innocent—or annoying—social media can weaponized and here’s just one small tip of a huge iceberg:

Heart of Texas, a Russian-controlled Facebook group that promoted Texas secession, leaned into an image of the state as a land of guns and barbecue and amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. One of their ads on Facebook announced a noon rally on May 21, 2016 to “Stop Islamification of Texas.” A separate Russian-sponsored group, United Muslims of America, advertised a “Save Islamic Knowledge” rally for the same place and time.

Sorry for the light posting for the last week. Thanks to health insurance I had an out-patient procedure done that staved off a potentially serious issue. And remember, there’s always more science at our new vertical, Daily Kos Science!

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