There is a meme circulating on Facebook that should give progressives pause. It is likely the work of a right-wing meme shop, but it tells a remarkable story by describing a narrative about selective outrage (you can view it below). The idea behind the meme is to codify in the minds of many that progressives are hypocrites in the manner they respond to issues they deem worthy of concern. To some extent, this is correct.

Sexism and misogyny are prevalent in the progressive-leaning film industry. This is a known fact that generates whispers but not action—no marches, no significant op-eds, etc.

To be truthful, conservatives and right-wingers in the aggregate do the same. They have embraced Donald Trump, even though his values are anathema to everything they’ve ever preached.

The issue here is that sexism and misogyny are just as prevalent on the right as they are on the left. The only difference is that progressives codify their objection to it with laws, while conservatives and the right wing ignore the reality. In fact, the right passes bills to cauterize anti-women laws into society.

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