A month after the Charlottesville white supremacist rally in which a counterprotester was murdered, the Military Times conducted a poll of servicemen on their own experiences with white nationalism.

Nearly one in four troops polled say they have seen examples of white nationalism among their fellow service members, and troops rate it as a larger national security threat than Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new Military Times poll. […]

Concerns about white nationalist groups were more pronounced among minorities in the ranks. Nearly 42 percent of non-white troops who responded to the survey said they have personally experienced examples of white nationalism in the military, versus about 18 percent of white service members.

When asked whether white nationalists pose a threat to national security, 30 percent of respondents labeled it a significant danger, more than many international hot spots, like Syria (27 percent), Pakistan (25 percent), Afghanistan (22 percent) and Iraq (17 percent).

The poll apparently created a bit of controversy on its own: “Nearly five percent of those polled left comments complaining that groups like Black Lives Matter […] weren’t included among the options for threats to national security.”

As an aside: It’d be interesting to probe the correlation between white nationalist views among the troops and the number of hours of Fox News they were subjected to on base television sets. It’d be interesting to probe that correlation elsewhere as well, just to come to some rough estimation of the extent to which the mere daily existence of the Fox & Friends droolers was itself contributing to the rise in white nationalist dumbfuckery across the nation.

It used to be you had to turn to AM radio to get that kind of dumbfuckery. Now it’s broadcast in airport terminals and in military rec rooms. You can’t tell me that’s not having an impact.

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