A new poll asks Americans about their personal experiences with racial discrimination. The results are rotten. Fully half of black Americans report discrimination in their own interactions with police; nearly the same amount report they have personally experienced discrimination when seeking housing.

Fear of discrimination, possibly triggered by past encounters, plays out in different ways. We found that this fear significantly influences people’s decisions whether to seek medical care, to call the police when in need, and even whether to drive or attend social events. Nearly one-third (32 percent) of African-Americans polled said they have personally experienced racial discrimination when going to the doctor or a health clinic, with 22 percent avoiding care out of fear of discrimination. […]

31 percent of poll respondents say fear of discrimination has led them to avoid calling the police when in need.

That is a national catastrophe. That it is being discussed primarily by shouting loudmouths arguing over whether it justifies such a dramatic act as “disrespecting” a song is evidence of a deep national rot.

Majorities in every polled group believe discrimination exists against their group. Conspicuously, this includes white Americans as well.

White Americans are among those who feel their group is discriminated against, with 55 percent saying discrimination exists against whites in the U.S. today.

Sigh. The details of why over half of all white Americans believe white Americans are discriminated against have not yet been released, but will no doubt make for interesting reading at some future date. Eventually.

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